Affordable Ways To Save On Wedding Photography

When it comes to planning a wedding, photography is often one of the most significant investments. However, there are several affordable ways to save on wedding photography without compromising on quality or capturing those precious moments. Here are some ideas:

Quinta do David, Venue | Palmela, Portugal | Photo by PEDIPortugal Weddings

Research and Compare Prices

Look at lots of photographer’s work, such as photos online or on social media. See if you like their style and if their past clients are happy with their work. Next, find out what each photographer offers. Some have different packages with things like engagement photos or albums. Once you have a few photographers in mind, ask them for a price quote. Make sure they are clear about how much everything costs so you are not surprised later.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to talk about the price. Some photographers might be willing to give you a discount, especially if your wedding isn’t on a weekend or during peak season.

So, take your time, compare prices, and talk to different photographers. With a little research and negotiation, you can find a photographer who fits your budget and captures your special day just right.

Igreja da Divina Misericordia das Patameiras, Church | Odivelas, Portugal | Photo by PEDIPortugal Weddings

Book Early

Imagine you find an awesome photographer who gets your vibe. Their pictures are amazing, capturing all the love and magic. Now, imagine getting their services for less, just for booking ahead.

Booking early means you get special deals. Photographers might give discounts if you book in advance. Plus, you lock in their current price, so you don’t have to pay more later when everyone’s trying to book them.

You also get dibs on their schedule. No stressing about finding a photographer last minute. And when you book early, you can often customise your photo package to fit your budget and needs.

Most importantly, booking early gives you peace of mind. You can relax knowing your photographer is set, and focus on other wedding stuff.

Quinta do David, Venue | Palmela, Portugal | Photo by PEDIPortugal Weddings

Opt for a Smaller Package

Smaller packages cover fewer hours. But don’t worry, the photographer will still capture all the important moments, you will just skip the extras you might not need. Talk to your photographer about what’s most important to you. Do you prefer candid shots or posed portraits? Let them know, and they will adjust their work to fit your style.

Picking a smaller package can lead to more natural pictures. With fewer posed shots, your photographer can capture even more real emotions.

With a smaller package, you can still hire a great photographer who understands your vision. They will use their skills to make sure your photos are beautiful and meaningful.

Quinta da Suratesta, Venue | Beja, Portugal | Photo by PEDIPortugal Weddings

Off-Peak or Weekday Wedding

Weekends are popular for weddings, so photographers often charge less for weekday or off-peak time, saving you money on photography.

Having your wedding on a weekday or off-peak season also means less competition for venues and vendors. You might find it easier to negotiate lower prices for other services too, like catering and decorations. Besides saving money, you can have a more intimate celebration. You will have more time with vendors, including your photographer, which can lead to better photos.

It’s important to let your guests know about your chosen date well in advance. This gives them time to plan and avoid any conflicts.

Quinta Pinhal das Confreirias, Venue | Almargem do Bispo, Portugal | Photo by PEDIPortugal Weddings

Digital Only Package

In today’s world, many couples want to spend less on their wedding, but they still want great photos. So, if you are looking to save money on your wedding photography without sacrificing quality, consider going digital-only.

Digital-only means you get all your wedding photos in a high-resolution digital format, which you can then print yourself or create albums at a later date, saving you a lot of money. This allows you to share easily your photos online with friends and family. Plus, you will get your photos faster because there’s no waiting for prints.

Quinta Nossa Senhora Auxiliadora, Venue | São Domingos de Rana, Portugal | Photo by PEDIPortugal Weddings

Negotiate and Bundle Services

Getting a good deal on your wedding photography is all about being smart and flexible. Try talking to your photographer about your budget. Many of them are willing to work with you to find a price that works for both of you. You can also ask if there are any discounts available, especially if you are booking during a less busy time of year.

Another way to save money is by bundling services, for example, booking your photographer along with other vendors, like a videographer or a caterer. Sometimes, vendors will give you a discount if you book multiple services with them.

Finally, consider which extras you really need and which ones you can cut out, so you can save a lot of money. Do you need a fancy album, or can you be happy with just digital copies of your photos?

Igreja Nossa Senhora da Fé de Monte Abraão, Church | Monte Abraão, Portugal | Photo by PEDIPortugal Weddings

Negotiate Payment Plans

Talk to your photographer about paying bit by bit. It’s called a payment plan, and it’s a super smart way to handle your wedding budget.

Instead of dropping all your cash upfront, you can split the bill into smaller chunks and pay over time. That means you can still get that awesome photographer you love without blowing all your money at once.

With a payment plan, you can spread out your spending and have more cash for other fun stuff at your wedding. Plus, it’s way less stress on your wallet. Just chat with your photographer about what you can afford and when you can pay. They are usually cool with it and will work with you to figure out a plan that fits your budget.

Remember to check out all the details before you agree, like when each payment is due and if there are any extra fees. That way, you won’t get any surprises later on.

Quinta do Careto, Venue | Beja, Portugal | Photo by PEDIPortugal Weddings

Limit the Coverage Hours

By cutting down on time, you focus on getting pictures of the most important parts of your day, like the ceremony and your first dance. With less time to take photos, the photographer can really focus on making each one special. That means you get better-quality photos that show the real feeling of your wedding day.

Talk to your photographer about your budget and what moments you want to capture. They can help you figure out the best plan for getting great wedding photos without spending more than you can afford.

Quinta da Suratesta, Venue | Beja, Portugal | Photo by PEDIPortugal Weddings

Ask for Referrals

Talk to people you know who got married recently. They might have some good ideas about photographers who don’t cost too much. Plus, they can tell you about their own experience and share tips for saving money.

Another thing you can do is check out websites where people talk about weddings. Sometimes, they share their favourite photographers and how much they paid.

When you ask for help, make sure to tell people how much you want to spend and what kind of photos you like. That way, they can give you advice that fits what you need.

To this end, getting referrals from friends can help you find a good photographer for less money. So, don’t be shy, ask around and see what you can find.

Palmela, Portugal | Photo by PEDIPortugal Weddings

Destination Wedding Packages

You can still get great wedding photos without spending too much on wedding packages that include photography. These packages often save money because they bundle photography with other things, like where you stay and where you get married. Look for places that work with local photographers. They know the area well and can take amazing photos.

To save even more money, try to pick a time when it’s not busy. That way, you might get better deals on everything, including photography.

So, even though destination weddings can be expensive, there are ways to save money on photography without losing out on great pictures. Just look for deals, choose wisely, and focus on what really matters.

Photoshoot: Lisbon 25 de Abril Bridge | Photo by PEDIPortugal Weddings

When you are talking to photographers about your budget, make sure you are honest about what you can afford. Ask if there’s any flexibility or if they can adjust their prices. It’s really important to find a balance between what you can pay and getting good photos so you have awesome memories of your big day.

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